Item no. Handle Blade For terminal block
HT-324 HT-3240 HT-14 Use on 66type
HT-324A HT-14A Use on 66 & 110/88 type
HT-324B HT-14B Use on 110/88 type
HT-324C HT-14C Use on 66 & 110/88 type(w/o cuts)
HT-324D HT-14D Use on 630A modular phone jack
HT-324BK HT-14BK Use on Krone type
HT-324P HT-14P Use on Panasonic & 110 type

Replacement blades

  • Blades are made of hardened SNCM-21. All are interchangeable and reversible.



HT-14 HT-14P
HT-14A HT-14BK
HT-14B HT-14D